When Water is Hard to Come By … Buy TIFTUF™

Automatic Sprinkler System Watering The Lawn On A Background Of

Your grass won’t live without water. Yeah, that’s an obvious statement.

But what do you do when water is more difficult to come by? As water restrictions and resources have tightened over previous years, turf grass breeders at the University of Georgia decided to stop talking environmental stewardship and do something about it.

That’s where TIFTUF™–a new standard in drought-tolerant turfgrass–comes into the picture. We selected this bermuda grass for its superior drought and wear tolerance. It uses less water and stays green longer when in drought situations. Plus, it’s been developed for more than two decades at the University of Georgia to make sure it stands up to the test.

TIFTUF™ is perfect for commercial and residential landscapes, as well as high-use locations like golf courses or sports fields.

TIFTUF™ Benefits

• Fine-textured, bright green color

• Superior drought tolerance to all other bermuda grasses

• Superior wear tolerance and tensile strength

• Superior nematode resistance

• Late Fall color retention and early spring green

• Rapid grow in

• Better turfgrass qualities and aesthetics under drought stress

• Pays for itself in reduced water costs

TIFTUF™ is the bermuda grass you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to find out more.