JaMurTM - Drought Resistant Zoysia

Attractive Blue-Green Color

Lush, Dense Texture

Very Low Maintenance

Thrives in Different Environments

A Zoysiagrass That is as Drought Tolerant as it is Attractive

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Drought Tolerant


Very Low Maintenance


Lush And Dense


Thrives in Many Climates


Uses Less Fertilizer

JaMur - The Zoysiagrass That is Both Beauty and Beast!


JaMur Zoysia Grass is our most drought-resistant Zoysia Grass, tough enough to let the kids and dogs play on it, and yet it still retains its gorgeous blue-green appearance and lush, dense texture.  In fact, it’s so dense, it chokes out weeds. Perfect for high visibility areas. The idea that you can own a cultivar so beautiful, yet requiring so little work on your part is enough to make you feel guilty—almost.

 Key Benefits of JaMur Zoysiagrass

zone map-jamur

JaMur Zoysiagrass is a dense, lush, blue-green turfgrass that thrives in many different environments. Please see the map for further detail.

  • Attractive, Blue-Green Appearance.
  • Lush, Dense Texture.
  • Very Low Maintenance.
  • The Most Drought Tolerant Zoysia.
  • Can Flourish in Many Different Environments.
  • Requires Little Fertilization.
  • Less Thatch Than Other Zoysia Varieties.
  • Resistant to Weeds and Insects.

Frequently Asked Questions About JaMur Zoysiagrass

How much water does my JaMur Zoysia lawn need?

How often and how much should I fertilize JaMur Zoysia?

What height is best for mowing JaMur Zoysia?

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JaMur Zoysia Technical Specifications


  • Attractive blue-green color.
  • Medium leaf blade.
  • Produces a very dense turf canopy.
  • Extensive root and rhizome system.

Improved Plant Vigor

  • Good shade tolerance.
  • Good cold tolerance.
  • Minimal thatch production.
  • Extensive root system allows for excellent recovery.

Cultural Practices

  • Suggested mowing height 0.5—2 inches.
  • Uses one to two pounds of nitrogen per 1000 feet using split applications in spring and late summer.
  • Once established, water only as needed.

Certified Purity & Uniformity

  • JaMur is licensed in the Southeastern U.S., Hawaii, and Australia exclusively to The Turfgrass Group, Inc. and its sub-licensees.
  • JaMur is available only through a select group of licensed certified producers.
  • JaMur is grown & sold under a rigorous set of rules & guidelines designed to promote on-going quality, purity, and uniformity.

State Certification

  • Certification is the only method of assuring the consumer is receiving the variety they purchased.
  • JaMur can only be produced and sold as a Certified turfgrass variety, unlike many other varieties.
  • Certification agencies in each state inspect all JaMur production fields regularly, protecting the interests of the consumer by providing a third-party system of quality control.

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