Become a Turfgrass Group Grower

Learn How to Become a Licensed, Certified Grower

Once a turfgrass producer has made the decision to grow one of The Turfgrass Group varieties they must simply contact our office and apply for licensing. Unlike our competition, our production licenses are limited by the number of producers in each state and by geography within the individual states. This is for the purpose of protecting our licensees, their target sales territory, their profit margins, and the exclusivity of the brand.

The Turfgrass Group varieties can only be produced as certified turfgrasses, adhering to each state's Crop Improvement Associations regulations. This third party oversight requirement is in place to ensure that established production procedures are adhered to for the purpose of maintaining the genetic integrity of the variety. Once The Turfgrass Group has licensed the producer, his/her Crop Improvement Association office is contacted and informed of their entry into the selected varieties production program. The farm must then apply for certification.

Once licensed by The Turfgrass Group, you become a member of a trusted network of progressive farmers committed to both genetic purity and environmental resource management.

For more information on becoming a licensed producer of any of The Turfgrass Group varieties please contact:

Bill Carraway
VP of Sales and Marketing
Office: (770) 207-1500
Cellular: (404) 276-4141

Lindsey Lindsey
Cellular: (770) 710-8139

Grant Antwine
Cellular: (404) 895-3255

Chase Crawford
Cellular: (229) 349-4013

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