Why Good Soil Matters

June 25, 2018



To really thrive, turf grass needs four things: sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Take one away, or provide too much of one, and your lawn will suffer and possibly even die. But if you get the balance right, you’ll have a beautiful landscape and a wonderful environment to enjoy.

The soil provides three of those four important elements (air, water and nutrients). But, unfortunately, too many soils aren’t ideal for growing grass. They may have too much clay and, as a result, be overly compacted. That’s great for roads, but it’s bad for grass–as the roots aren’t getting enough access to air and water.

Other soils might have too much sand. Again, that’s great for a beach but difficult on a lawn because nutrients and water can’t stay in the root zone long enough to be used by the plant.

Finally, the PH level (level of acid or alkaline) can affect the soil’s quality. Too much or too little of either one and your grass won’t experience optimal growth.

Without good soil, your grass won’t live up to its potential. Contact us to find out more and learn how we can help improve your soil.

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