3 Quick and Easy Lawn Hacks

August 9, 2018


You don’t have to break the bank or spend countless hours taking care of your lawn. Use these quick and easy hacks to help with some of the most common lawn care issues.

1) Use newspaper to keep pesky weeds away.

You probably don’t need that expensive weed-blocking cloth. Simply spread newspaper pages in the area you want to block weeds. Then place dirt, grass clippings or mulch on top of the paper to smother those weeds and keep the paper in place.

2) Use cooking spray on your mower blade to keep grass from clumping.

It’s true. This will help keep big clumps of grass from clinging to your blades. But, be careful, if you have to turn the mower over to spray the blades, make sure the gas tank is empty first!

3) Keep critters away with plastic forks.

If a critter keeps using your garden as a restroom, try placing forks in the ground with the tines up–around your seedlings. They’ll likely stay away because that’s no fun to walk on!

Got a lawn hack of your own? Let us know!