How To Kill Bermuda Grass

February 28, 2023


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Bermuda grass is an incredible grass option for your lawn, but some homeowners might want to remove it and plant a different type of grass. Bermuda grass is one of the world’s toughest and most persistent grasses. It puts up a fight whenever the weather or diseases try to pin it down. It does the same when you try to get rid of it! If you have tried killing it, but nothing seems to work, have no fear. We’ll discuss ways to kill Bermuda grass and make it extinct in your lawn. Read on!

Identify the Bermuda Grass

The first step to killing the Bermuda grass is identifying it. It’s an easily recognizable grass that stands out from the rest. One characteristic of the Bermuda grass is the blue-green leaf. The flowers are produced from mid-summer to fall, hanging on at most six spikes.

Another characteristic of the Bermuda grass is the stolons that spread over the sidewalks or grow into your neighbor’s lawn or drive. The stolons are visible creepers. The grass also has thick rhizomes, which can be found on the surface.

Another way to tell where the Bermuda grass is on your lawn is through the weather conditions. For example, during summer, drought-stressed grass will turn brown. You’ll be able to see brown patches on the lawn, but the Bermuda grass will withstand the weather and maintain its greenish color.

Bermuda grass patches will also show heavy dew early in the morning. Heavier than any other grass. In winter, it will turn brown and dormant. The leaves of the Bermuda grass are also hairy. Experts say it’s impossible to kill Bermuda grass. You can only suppress it using chemicals!

Prepare Your Lawn for Treatment

Clear your lawn for obstacles and debris before you start your lawn treatment. Objects and debris will block the chemical from reaching the turf. The treatment must dissolve in the soil. If it doesn’t, it won’t be effective.

Debris includes leaves in the fall. You must remove the leaves or hire a company to remove them. No company will make an application if leaves cover the lawn.

Different Ways to Kill Bermuda Grass Naturally

One of the effective ways of naturally killing Bermuda grass is with vinegar. A 10 percent vinegar solution will kill the weeds and eradicate them naturally. However, the solution is non-selective and will kill your lawn grass alongside the Bermuda grass.

Boiling water is also a natural solution to help you eliminate Bermuda grass. Boiling water will penetrate the soil and kill the roots of the Bermuda grass. Once it’s brown-dried, dig up and pull out the dead Bermuda grass. You can pull the grass with a spade, hoe, or bare hands.

Choose the Right Herbicide for Removing Bermuda Grass

You might want to try a different approach if the natural way is ineffective. Even though herbicides cause severe effects on the environment, they might be the only stone left to kill Bermuda grass.

Before spraying herbicides on your grass, wear the proper protective equipment. Cover your eyes, skin, mouth, and nose. Every herbicide container has instructions on how to use the herbicides. Follow the instructions to the latter to ensure it works and to reduce its environmental impact.

Apply the Herbicide Correctly to Get Rid of Bermuda Grass

Spraying is the best and most effective way to apply herbicides to the Bermuda grass. Mix the herbicides with water and your sprayer. Apply the product through a fan nozzle setting. Spray on the Bermuda grass until the grass is evenly covered while avoiding spraying over the desired plants.

Some herbicides will kill the grass, but its nutritional reserves in the soil will remain intact. That would mean that the Bermuda grass will sprout again later. It would be best if you used systemic weed grass killer to kill the grass from the leaf blades, stolons, rhizomes, and roots. The chemicals are lethal, and you should hire a company to spray the herbicides instead.

Don’t rip your hair out! You can learn how to kill Bermuda grass without making yourself crazy.

How to Control Bermuda Grass from Spreading in the Future

It is impossible to control Bermuda grass. You cannot get rid of it completely. To control the grass, remove the rhizomes and stolons before the grass drops its seeds. If it does, you lose the bet. The grass will grow for two years or more despite your efforts to control it. You might have to spray herbicides on your entire lawn to eliminate Bermuda grass, and the desired grass will be the collateral damage.

FAQs – How to Kill Bermuda Grass

Still trying to kill Bermuda grass? Here are some common questions and answers that can help.

What is the best product to kill Bermuda grass?

Any herbicides containing a chemical known as glyphosate can be used to kill Bermuda grass.

Will dish soap kill Bermuda grass?

Dish soap will not kill Bermuda grass unless it is concentrated. The chemicals in the soap can harm plants if used in its concentrated form.

Will baking soda kill Bermuda grass?

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate which is also a salt. If you apply it on grass, it will damage the grass.

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