3 MORE Quick and Easy Lawn Hacks

August 23, 2018


Gardener Removing Weed From Garden. Man Taking Care About Lawn A

Want a few more hacks to help you maintain your lawn? We’ve got you covered!

1) Use salt on your stand-alone weeds.

You know those weeds that grow up through the cracks in your driveway? Zap them away with a little salt. Keep in mind that salt can cause issues for your plants, so don’t use it in areas where you actually want growth.

2) Don’t bag your clippings.

If you’re on a regular mowing schedule, and your glass isn’t overly long and clumpy when cut, then leave the clippings where they are. The nutrients go right back into the soil and help your lawn stay healthy.

3) Toss some seeds and see what happens!

Want to see if a watermelon or pumpkin will grow in your yard? Save those seeds, throw them out in the yard, and you might not have to go to the pumpkin patch next October!

We’re always looking for new quick, easy and fun ways to care for your lawn. Check back on our blog in the coming months for more ideas!