Tri-Tex Grass Releases New Video Promoting Zeon Zoysia in Texas

May 25, 2015


Last week, Tri-Tex Grass, a licensed grower in Granbury, TX, released a new video on YouTube promoting the beauty and benefits of Zeon Zoysia. To watch the video, click here. A transcript of the video voiceover is below.


Zeon Zoysia from Tri-Tex Grass

Zeon Zoysia is the number-one-selling, fine-bladed zoysiagrass in the United States and most shade tolerant of all known, commercially produced warm-season turfgrass varieties. Zeon is classified as a fine-textured zoysiagrass, features a vibrant green color and has been called “the most beautiful zoysia on the market today.”

Thriving in both full sun and limited-light environments, Zeon produces a very dense canopy in a wide range of soil types.

When golf returns as an Olympic sport in the 2016 Games in Rio, Zeon will be the grass golfers will be playing on. Other well-known courses featuring Zeon include the Atlanta Athletic Club, Escondido Golf Club, The Club at Carlton Woods and Briggs Ranch.

The Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, chose Zeon Zoysia for the stadium landscapes, and the Texas Rangers played their 2011 World Series season on Zeon.

With bright green color, excellent shade tolerance, very good cold tolerance, good late-season color retention, low fertility requirements, a dense turf canopy and its ease of maintenance, Zeon is the perfect choice for high-visibility and high-traffic applications, from residential to commercial to golf course tee boxes, fairways, approaches and surrounding shaded areas.

Suggested mowing height is 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches. For annual fertilization, use 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, using split applications in spring and late summer. Provide approximately 1 inch of water per week, increasing to as much as 2-1/2 inches per week in hot, dry periods of low humidity. Use a moisture meter to determine how much water is actually needed.

Learn why Zeon Zoysia might be the best choice for you at Or call us at 888-221-0422.

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