Different Types Of Zoysia Grasses – Which Is The Right For Your Lawn?

May 24, 2023


Different Types Of Zoysia Grasses

Zoysia grass is a popular lawn choice due to its durability, tolerance to heat, and low maintenance requirements. However, there are various types of Zoysia grass to choose from, each with its characteristics and suitability for different climates and preferences. In this article, we will explore the different kinds of Zoysia grass, discuss their unique features, and help you determine the right one for your lawn.

Which Type Of Zoysia Grass Is Perfect For Your Lawn?

Several factors need to be considered when selecting the perfect type of Zoysia grass for your lawn. These include climate, soil conditions, desired aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and level of foot traffic. First, explore some popular Zoysia grass varieties and their suitability for different scenarios.

Importance Of Selecting The Right Type Of Grass For Your Lawn

Choosing the right type of grass for your lawn is crucial as it sets the foundation for a healthy and attractive outdoor space. The selection process considers climate, soil conditions, shade tolerance, and desired maintenance level. By understanding the importance of selecting the correct type of grass, you can ensure a lush and thriving lawn that enhances the beauty of your property.

Types Of Zoysia Grasses Varieties

Zoysia grass offers a range of varieties, each with its unique characteristics. Let’s explore some of the most popular Zoysia grass varieties:

  1. Zoysia Fine Blade Grass: This variety is known for its fine-textured blades and dense growth habit. It creates a carpet-like appearance and is well-suited for areas with moderate foot traffic.
  2. Emerald Zoysia: Emerald Zoysia is a dark green grass variety that thrives in warm climates. It is known for its excellent shade tolerance and performs well in both full sun and partially shaded areas.
  3. Zeon Zoysia: Zeon Zoysia is a relatively new variety that has gained popularity for its vibrant green color, soft texture, and high tolerance to heat and drought. It is also known for its quick establishment and ability to recover from heavy use.

How To Select The Best Zoysia Grass For Your Lawn?

Different Types Of Zoysia Grasses

Selecting the best Zoysia grass for your lawn involves assessing your requirements and considering each variety’s unique characteristics. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Consider Climate: Different Zoysia grass varieties have varying cold and heat tolerance levels. Determine your region’s climate and choose a type that thrives in those conditions.
  2. Evaluate Maintenance Requirements: Some Zoysia grass varieties require frequent mowing and maintenance, while others are more low-maintenance. Consider your availability for lawn care and choose accordingly.
  3. Assess Shade Tolerance: If your lawn has areas with shade, opt for Zoysia grass varieties known for their shade tolerance, such as Emerald Zoysia.
  4. Consult Local Experts: Seek advice from local nurseries or turfgrass professionals who see the grass types performing well in your area.

Tips For Maintaining Zoysia Grass Lawn

Maintaining a Zoysia grass lawn is relatively simple if you follow a few essential practices. Here are some tips to keep your Zoysia grass looking healthy and vibrant:

  1. Mowing: Set your mower blade at the recommended height for your Zoysia grass variety and avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass blade at a time.
  2. Watering: Zoysia grass is drought-tolerant but requires regular watering to establish and maintain its health. Water deeply and infrequently to encourage profound root growth.
  3. Fertilization: Apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer according to the recommended schedule for your specific Zoysia grass variety.
  4. Weed Control: Keep your Zoysia grass lawn weed-free by using pre-emergent herbicides and promptly removing any weeds that do appear.

Pick The Best Turf Grass For Your Lawn!

In conclusion, choosing the right type of Zoysia grass for your lawn is crucial for its long-term health and appearance. Consider the climate, maintenance requirements, shade tolerance, and specific characteristics of each Zoysia grass variety before deciding. By selecting the best turf grass for your lawn, you can create a beautiful and resilient outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.


What is the best type of Zoysia grass?

The best type of Zoysia grass depends on various factors such as climate, maintenance preferences, and desired aesthetics. However, popular varieties like Emerald Zoysia and Zeon Zoysia are known for their excellent characteristics and are widely recommended.

Are there different varieties of Zoysia grass?

Yes, there are different varieties of Zoysia grass available. Some popular ones include Emerald Zoysia, Zeon Zoysia, and Zoysia Fine Blade Grass, each with unique features and suitability for specific conditions.

How do I know what type of Zoysia grass I have?

To identify the type of Zoysia grass you have, you can consult with a turfgrass professional or nursery expert who can examine the characteristics of your lawn and provide accurate identification.

Which is better, Zeon or Zenith Zoysia?

Zeon and Zenith Zoysia are excellent grass varieties, but they differ slightly. Zeon Zoysia is known for its vibrant green color, soft texture, and superior heat and drought tolerance. On the other hand, Zenith Zoysia is more cold-tolerant and has a faster growth rate. The choice between the two depends on your specific climate and preferences.

What are the downsides to Zoysia grass?

While Zoysia grass has many advantages, it also has some downsides. For example, it has a slower establishment rate than other grass types, requires more frequent mowing during the growing season, and may turn brown in colder climates during winter.

Which Zoysia spreads the fastest?

Zeon Zoysia is known for its quick establishment and ability to spread rapidly, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want a fast-growing Zoysia grass variety.

What is the toughest Zoysia grass?

Empire Zoysia is often considered one of the most challenging Zoysia grass varieties. It has excellent wear tolerance and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

What is the difference between Empire Zoysia and Icon Zoysia?

Empire Zoysia and Icon Zoysia are both Zoysia grass varieties but have slight differences. Empire Zoysia has a coarser texture and better wear tolerance, while Icon Zoysia has a finer texture and better shade tolerance.

Is Zeon Zoysia the best?

Zeon Zoysia is highly regarded as one of the best Zoysia grass varieties due to its vibrant green color, soft texture, and exceptional heat and drought tolerance.

What type of Zoysia is Scotts Turf Builder?

Different Types Of Zoysia Grasses

Scotts Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed is a blend of Zoysia grass varieties, including Zenith and Compadre, designed to provide a dense and resilient lawn.

What is the difference between Zoysia Emerald and Zeon?

The main differences between Emerald Zoysia and Zeon Zoysia lie in their shade tolerance and growth habits. Emerald Zoysia has better shade tolerance, while Zeon Zoysia has a more upright growth habit and performs well in full and partial sun.

What type of Zoysia grass is Scotts?

Scotts offers different products for Zoysia grass, including Scotts Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed, a blend of various Zoysia grass varieties.

Can Zeon Zoysia take full sun?

Zeon Zoysia can tolerate full sun and performs well in sunny areas. In addition, it has excellent heat tolerance and can maintain its vibrant green color even in hot summer.

What is the most drought-tolerant Zoysia?

Zoysia grass, in general, has good drought tolerance. However, Zeon Zoysia is often considered one of the most drought-tolerant Zoysia grass varieties, as it has exceptional resilience to extended periods of dry conditions.

Does Zeon Zoysia turn brown in winter?

In colder climates, Zeon Zoysia may turn brown during winter dormancy. However, it generally recovers its green color when temperatures rise in the spring.

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