What’s the Best Drought-Tolerant Sod?

July 30, 2021


Best Drought-Tolerant Sod

Do you want to save water and still have a beautiful lawn? Sounds impossible! In fact, it’s more attainable than you might think. Drought-tolerant sod is a great option for your lawn, and there are several special varieties designed for drought conditions.

You can save money on your utility bills this summer or just have an easier time keeping up with your yard work. That’s why installing drought-tolerant sod on your property is a no-brainer! Read on for tips on choosing the best drought-tolerant sod and keeping your lawn green.

The Best Drought-Tolerant Sod Varieties

The TurfGrass Group’s high-quality turf has been carefully vetted by our research, technology, and engineering experts. That’s how we identify exceptional brands of turfgrass. Through collaborations with our partners from the private sector and universities, we license the development of superior, “value-added” turfgrass varieties.

We’ve worked with USDA/ARS geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna and the internationally recognized turfgrass breeding program at The University of Georgia, laying the foundation for our commitment to progressive turfgrass technologies and environmental resource management and stewardship.

The superior growth habits and minimal water-use and fertility requirements of Turfgrass Group varieties consistently provide reliable performance and exceptional value. And The Turfgrass Group continues to work towards the development of the next generation of improved turfgrass cultivars. Read on as we discuss two of our most popular, drought-tolerant turf varieties.

TifTuf™  Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda is the perfect solution to a drought-stricken yard. This turfgrass variety has been specially bred to withstand extreme conditions, including low water availability and high temperatures. It’s also resistant to pests and diseases that plague other grasses in these conditions. You can have a lush green lawn without any of the hassles or worry!

Bermuda grass is a great drought-tolerant sod. And TifTuf Bermuda sod is one of the most popular drought-tolerant varieties on the market. To understand how this grass stands up well to drought, let’s cover three strategies plants employ to deal with drought.

Strategies for Dealing With Drought

The first strategy is called “avoidance.” This is when grass develops a larger, deeper root system allowing it to access moisture that other plants aren’t reaching.

Another strategy is to simply “escape” the problem by turning brown and going dormant. While that protects the plant and its roots, it will leave your lawn looking terrible. Not a problem in the winter, when grass might be covered in leaves or snow. But not how you want to spend your summer, looking at an ugly brown lawn!

Finally, there’s “tolerance.” This is where the plant makes osmotic adjustments involving membrane stability. In simple terms, the plant changes the way it uses available water to be more efficient and stay alive.

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The Science of TifTuf™

The scientists behind TifTuf worked hard to understand how this turfgrass would hold up against drought. Years of tests revealed that TifTuf didn’t grow deeper roots, and it avoided the “escape” strategy longer than other Bermudas. Yet it performed at an exceptional level under stress. What was the secret?

TifTuf slowed the rate at which moisture escapes the soil. This allows the grass to stay green longer. And TifTuf‘s ability to hold moisture is responsible for an additional benefit: the ability to stay green longer. It greens up at the first sign of spring. Thus, it outcompetes weeds, and winter-kill dead spots are less of an issue than you see with other Bermudas. It also retains its green color when stressed by drought. It’s not perfect under stress, but far greener than other grasses under the same conditions. In fact, in the fall, you will even get a couple of extra weeks of green before dormancy sets in.

TifTuf Bermuda will stay green all summer long with just one deep watering every two weeks in hot climates or four times per month in milder regions. And it’s resistant to weeds so you won’t need any herbicides either! The best part? It’s affordable, too, compared to other types of drought-tolerant grasses on the market today.

Trinity® Zoysia

L1F Zoysia (Trinity Zoysia) is one of the latest innovations from Bladerunner Farms, a leader in turfgrass development for over 30 years. Trinity is a dwarf variety of zoysiagrass with an extremely fine texture. It’s a great option to achieve a well-manicured look for residential or commercial properties. Trinity offers a soft textured surface, a cushiony feel, and upright blade orientation. Trinity also delivers a smooth surface with less thatch than other zoysiagrass varieties. But best of all, it requires very little water or upkeep.

Trinity Zoysia was developed for golf courses and high-end sports fields. However, its drought resistance and its low requirement for fertilizer make it popular with homeowners. It conserves water by using less than half of what other sods use – that means more savings on your monthly utility bill! Zoysia root systems are significantly shorter than Bermudagrass. However, it has a dense, thick root system, meaning it is much more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients in the top layer of soil. Trinity is an especially good choice for a drought-tolerant lawn that gets partial shade, making it unsuitable for Bermuda.

Maintaining Your Lawn in Drought Conditions

Although turf variety is of the utmost importance, the best way to protect your lawn from drought is to keep it healthy. A healthy, well-fed lawn will be in better condition to survive whatever hits it, whether that’s high temperatures, less water, weeds, or pests. If you take the time and care to ensure your turf is well-established and healthy, you will be best positioned to keep it alive through a drought.

You can keep your lawn in the best shape by fertilizing it periodically, watering it with the proper sprinkler, and mowing, dethatching, and aerating regularly. These steps will keep your lawn’s root system healthy and robust and position it better to withstand drought conditions.

With TifTuf Bermuda, you don’t need to worry about watering it every day or fertilizing it with expensive chemicals. The sod will thrive on its own while saving time and money on maintenance costs. And because this type of grass is so hardy, it’s perfect for areas where there are restrictions on watering times. It also eliminates reliance on sprinkler systems, which can be unreliable due to power outages or leaks. That frees you up to focus on other ways of keeping your lawn and soil in peak condition.

Installing the Best Drought-Tolerant Sod

TifTuf Bermuda and Trinity Zoysia are drought-tolerant sods that look great and can withstand extreme heat, dry conditions, and lack of irrigation. If you’re looking for the best drought-tolerant sod, either one of these would be perfect. Especially for homeowners who want a healthy green lawn year-round without spending time and money watering every day. Reach out to The Turfgrass Group today to find a grower in your area!