How Often Should I Mow My Grass?

July 24, 2018



There’s no perfect answer to this question, but we’ll give you a guideline.

When it comes to mowing frequency, it’s all about the one-third rule.

This guideline, which we explain more in our last post, is to never cut more than one-third off the length of your grass.

So if you’ve been cutting about half the length every time, then that’s a sign you’re not mowing frequently enough. Instead of once a week, you might need to try every four days. If it appears that you’re cutting less than one third, then you can probably add a few days in between mowing sessions.

Make sense?

So much of this is also dependent on the type of grass you have and where you live. But, hopefully, the one-third rule will at least give you a general idea of how frequently to mow.