Grass That Grows Blazing Fast

The Turfgrass Group

Let us tell you a little about our JaMur Zoysia grass.

This versatile turf grass is attractive, extremely functional, and developed from USDA research conducted by geneticist Jack Murray. The JaMur zoysiagrass taking the landscape industry by storm because of its minimal water and fertilization requirements.

In appearance, it’s similar to a St. Augustine dwarf variety–except that it has excellent shade tolerance and doesn’t have insect issues. JaMur is a much-improved replacement to other zoysia grass options, and its attractive blue-green color is the perfect choice for high visibility and high traffic residential and commercial areas, as well as golf courses.

Benefits of JaMur:

• Extraordinary drought tolerance

• Low maintenance and fertility requirements

• Extremely compact turf

• Superior rate of spread

• Attractive blue-green color

Lawn maintenance doesn’t get much easier than this. Contact us to find out more about JaMur.