Caring for a Newly Seeded Lawn in Summer

July 16, 2018


The Turfgrass Group

If you’ve finally taken the plunge and seeded your lawn, you know that the care doesn’t stop there. The first few months are vital in establishing a healthy, beautiful lawn. Summer weather presents challenges of its own, even for long-established turfgrass.

Here are some important tips for caring for your newly seeded lawn during those hot, dry months:

1. Pay attention to your soil. The first few inches of soil is what you test for moisture content. Before, and even after, your seed begins to sprout, your soil’s moisture is how you can determine if your lawn is getting enough water.

2. Schedule your watering. The best time to water your lawn (newly seeded or established) is early morning or evening, so that the water absorbs into the soil, rather than evaporating off of the surface.

3. Understand your Lawn. Knowing what type of turfgrass you’re growing, along with the climate challenges of your region will help you care for it in the most beneficial way. You’ll know how soon you should expect to see grass growing and how to best nurture it.

Taking the time to learn the basics is a crucial step in achieving the most attractive and healthy lawn. Let us help you choose the right products and guide you in caring for them. Call us today to learn more!