Stadium Zoysia

Greens Up Quickly in Spring

Stays Green Later Into Fall

Withstands Up to 50% Shade

Resistant to Drought or Disease

The Turfgrass Group

Stadium Zoysia™

Stadium Zoysia™ is the newest release from Bladerunner Farms. This exceptional zoysiagrass is suited for use on golf courses and sports fields.

  • Due to its rapid rate of spread and density, Stadium Zoysia is ideal for sports turf use.
  • Preliminary test results from the University of Tennessee highlight Stadium’s attributes and will be published soon through the University.
  • Stadium has the darkest green color in our collection.
The Turfgrass Group
The Turfgrass Group

Stadium Zoysia is a premium warm-season grass variety

Stadium Zoysia is a premium warm-season grass variety that brings exceptional quality and performance to stadiums, sports fields, and high-traffic areas. Here's why Stadium Zoysia stands out as a top choice for sports turf:

  1. Durability under Pressure: Stadium Zoysia is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic and intense athletic activities.
  2. Enhanced Playability: With its dense growth habit and fine texture, Stadium Zoysia provides a uniform playing surface that enhances ball roll, bounce, and overall playability. It offers athletes a consistent and reliable turf surface for optimal performance.
  3. High Disease Resistance: Stadium Zoysia exhibits exceptional resistance to common turf diseases, reducing the risk of fungal infections and minimizing the need for chemical treatments.
  4. Heat and Drought Tolerance: This grass variety thrives in hot and humid conditions, making it ideal for stadium settings where intense heat is a factor.
  5. Low Water Requirements: Stadium Zoysia is known for its water efficiency. Its deep root system enables it to access moisture deeper in the soil, reducing the need for frequent irrigation.

Maintainance Guide

  • Irrigation is not required, but is recommended.
  • Once established, follow general recommendations of 1″ of water from rain or irrigation per week, depending on soil conditions and climate.
  • Although heat and drought resistant, Sunbelt Blue will perform better with increased watering in periods of high temperatures or drought.
  • Visit the resources page to view or click here to download our watering guide for new and established grass.


  • Deep dark green
  • Fine
  • Excellent wear, drought tolerant, withstands heavy foot traffic, excellent density, deep root system, tolerates some frost, great durability
  • Warm
Shade Tolerance
  • Fair, prefers full sun
  • Reel mower 1/4" to 1.5", every 5-7 days