Southern Blue

Greens Up Quickly in Spring

Stays Green Later Into Fall

Withstands Up to 50% Shade

Resistant to Drought or Disease

The Turfgrass Group

A Texas Bluegrass Hybrid

This innovative cool season cross between a Texas bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass was developed through a partnership with Texas A&M and NG Turf. Southern Blue out performs all other cool season grasses during Southeastern summers while remaining cold hardy and keeping its deep green color year round. The rhizomatous root system not only provides heat and drought resistance, but also allows the grass to recover from stress and damage—unlike fescue, which requires overseeding.


Traffic To Tolerance


Shade Performance


Disease Resistance


Drought Resistance


Speed Of Recovery

Maintainance Guide

  • Irrigation is not required, but is recommended.
  • Once established, follow general recommendations of 1″ of water from rain or irrigation per week, depending on soil conditions and climate.
  • Although heat and drought resistant, Sunbelt Blue will perform better with increased watering in periods of high temperatures or drought.
  • Visit the resources page to view or click here to download our watering guide for new and established grass.

Unleash the Beauty and Resilience of Southern Blue

The Turfgrass Group
  1. Unmatched Resilience: Southern Bluegrass, a hybrid specifically bred for Texas, exhibits exceptional resilience to the challenging climatic conditions of the region.
  2. Texas-Tough Turf: This hardy grass variety is specially designed to handle the demanding Texas climate, including hot summers and unpredictable weather patterns
  3. Deep Rooted for Water Efficiency: Southern Blue features deep, robust roots that enable it to access water deeper in the soil.
  4. Lush Green Aesthetics: With its rich, deep green color and fine texture, Southern Bluegrass adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.
  5. Low-Maintenance Allure: Southern Blue requires minimal maintenance due to its natural disease resistance and ability to outcompete weeds.  treatments.



  • Medium blade; dark green color year round

Shade Tolerance

  • High

Drought Tolerance

  • Medium; better than tall fescue


  • Medium

Technical Data

  • More heat and drought resistant than fescue
  • Better recovery than other cool season grasses
  • Medium fertility requirements
  • Medium mowing frequency
  • Cold hardy
  • pH 5.5 to 6.5
  • Full sun to partial shade

Best Usage

  • Golf—Roughs
  • Landscape—Home lawns, commercial properties

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