UGA Video Details the Story of TifTuf Certified Bermudagrass

November 17, 2016


Dr. Brian Schwartz, a turfgrass breeder at the University of Georgia who has extensively documented his research on TifTuf bermudagrass, has released a 23-minute video that details many of his eye-opening results. Originally selected for its superior drought tolerance, TifTuf has proven under strenuous trials to not only use less water than other bermudagrass varieties, but to also resist wear, green up faster in the spring and stay green longer into the fall. Surprisingly, it also appears to as shade tolerant as — if not more than — Celebration and TifGrand, two bermudagrass varieties noted for their shade tolerance. TifTuf was released by the Turfgrass Group earlier this year to certified growers.

To watch the video, click here.

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