TifTuf Delights Homeowners in Australia

November 30, 2017


According to Nick Daley of Daleys Turf, a sod grower in Bells Creek, Queensland (near the east coast of Australia), TifTuf Bermudagrass has exceeded his — and his clients’ — expectations. Although the grower has offered TifTuf for only a few months, he says homeowners are really excited about TifTuf softness underfoot, in addition to its eco-friendly benefits. Daley’s writeup of TifTuf says, “We expect Tiftuf to quickly become a firm favourite in both the residential and commercial landscapes, as well as in other high traffic areas such as daycare centres, schools, sporting fields and parks. With its proven softness, Tiftuf is a great choice for high impact activities such as golf, baseball, soccer and football.”

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