The Top 6 Questions People Have About TifTuf

July 8, 2019


The Turfgrass Group

TifTuf is a type of Bermudagrass that is very popular. It’s only available from certified growers. While it’s tough enough to handle a lot of foot traffic, it also looks amazing. Naturally, people have a lot of questions about this gorgeous grass. Here are the top six questions that people have.

1. How much water does TifTuf grass need?

All grass needs sunlight, adequate fertilizer, heavy soil, and the right amount of water to survive. TifTuf, on the other hand, does not need as much water as other grasses. To be exact, it needs 38% less water than other grasses. It needs approximately 1” of water. If it’s a hot summer, it might need up to 2½”.  

2. What is the best mowing height of TifTuf grass?

There are several reasons why it’s important to know the ideal mowing height of grass. TifTuf is already drought tolerant, but proper mowing creates even more drought resistant grass. There are different ideal mowing heights for different types of grass. The best height for TifTuf Bermudagrass is between ½” and 2”. 

3. How often should TifTuf grass be fertilized?

It’s important to know how often your grass needs to be fertilized. To grow healthy and green, your lawn depends on being fertilized at the proper times. With TifTuf, it needs 1 – 2 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet in spring and late summer

4. Will TifTuf retain the vibrant, green color well into fall?

Many types of grass are quick to die as soon as fall comes. TifTuf, however, retains the lush, green look well into fall. It’s also early to green up in the spring.

5. How does cold weather affect TifTuf?

Many types of grass die in the cold weather. TIfTuf has a 90% survivability rate in temperatures as low as -6F. 

6. How do you get rid of weeds in a TifTuf lawn?

Weeds are not great to have in your lawn, no matter what type of grass you have. However, if you specifically have TifTuf grass, you will need to use a TifTuf-specific weed killer. You also may want to spray to prevent further weeds from growing. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain, tough, drought-resistant grass, TifTuf is a great choice. If you are interested in getting your own TifTuf lawn, find a certified grower near you.


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