4 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn and Increase Curb Appeal

August 21, 2023


The Turfgrass Group

Curb appeal.

So many of us have heard about it, but what does it really mean?

To give you a basic definition, curb appeal is the first impression anyone has of your home.

This is important when you’re trying to sell your home, of course, but it’s also important for adding value to your house.

The more attractive it is, the more it will be worth.

There are several ways to improve your curb appeal like putting on a fresh coat of exterior paint or landscaping, but beautifying your lawn will also help.

Here are four ways you can do that:

Grow Aesthetically Pleasing Flowers

Nothing brightens up a yard like nice flowers.

They can be a great way to greet visitors and make your home better looking.

To give your lawn color all year long, grow annuals and perennials.

You can also find out which flowers grow best in your geographic location.

Maintain Your Lawn

There is more to maintaining your lawn than just cutting the grass every other week.

Mowing is an important part of lawn care maintenance, but there are also other steps like fertilization.

4 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn and Increase Curb Appeal

You will also need to find out how often your particular type of grass needs to be mowed.

One of the reasons TifTuf is so popular is because it’s so easy to maintain and it looks amazing.

Tidy up the Edges

Having clean and neat edges can really make your lawn look gorgeous.

To ensure straight lines, use a short plank of wood to guide your edging.

You also might want to consider lawn edging stones.

Add a Bird Feeder

For a more serene and relaxing atmosphere, add bird feeders to your yard.

Keep the bird feeders stocked so the birds will come have a look.

You can also have a great time identifying all the different birds that come to your yard.

Those are just four suggestions for you to have a gorgeous lawn, which will improve the value of your home.

The type of grass that you have also plays a big part in how attractive your yard is.

You’ll want to have a grass that can handle a lot of foot traffic or harsh weather.

One of the best choices on this front is TifTuf grass.

TifTuf Grass

Many people choose TifTuf grass to make their lawns look amazing and improve curb appeal. Even through droughts and heavy foot traffic, TifTuf continues to look amazing.

To learn more, please visit our TifTuf page.

If you are interested in our TifTuf grass variety, be sure to find a certified grower near you.

While we are responsible for licensing the production of the turfgrass, we do not sell these grass varieties direct to consumers.


In the quest to enhance your home’s curb appeal, remember that your lawn plays a pivotal role.

Its charm can make a lasting impression, leaving visitors and potential buyers captivated.

Beyond just a patch of green, your lawn is a canvas of possibilities that can elevate the aesthetic of your property.

By incorporating these four strategies—growing aesthetically pleasing flowers, meticulous lawn maintenance, impeccable edging, and the addition of bird feeders—you can transform your outdoor space into an inviting oasis.


Is curb appeal essential only for selling homes?

No, curb appeal adds value to your home regardless of whether you’re selling. A well-maintained exterior enhances the overall aesthetics and boosts property value.

Can I improve curb appeal without landscaping?

While landscaping enhances curb appeal, other aspects like a fresh coat of paint or a well-maintained lawn can also significantly improve the appearance of your home.

Why are edges important in lawn maintenance?

4 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn and Increase Curb Appeal

Neat and clean edges provide a polished look to your lawn, creating a distinct boundary between the grass and other elements like flower beds or sidewalks.

Do bird feeders attract pests?

Properly maintained bird feeders usually don’t attract pests. Regular cleaning and using appropriate feed can help prevent unwanted visitors.

Is TifTuf grass suitable for all climates?

TifTuf grass is known for its adaptability and resilience, making it suitable for a range of climates. However, consulting a professional can help determine the best grass type for your specific location.

Can TifTuf grass withstand heavy foot traffic?

Yes, TifTuf grass is designed to handle heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for lawns that see frequent activity.

Is it necessary to hire a professional for lawn maintenance?

While DIY lawn maintenance is possible, hiring a professional ensures proper care and expertise, resulting in a healthier and more attractive lawn.

How often should I water TifTuf grass?

TifTuf grass is drought-tolerant, but it’s important to establish a regular watering schedule during its establishment phase. Consult with a professional for personalized guidance.

Can TifTuf grass improve the overall environmental impact of my property?

Yes, TifTuf grass’s water efficiency and sustainability contribute positively to the environment, making it an eco-friendly choice for lawns.

Where can I find TifTuf grass for my lawn?

To obtain TifTuf grass, search for certified growers in your area. While not sold directly to consumers, certified growers can provide you with this resilient and visually appealing grass variety.

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