Getting Rid of Thatch

September 20, 2018



What exactly is thatch in the first place?

It’s a combination of dead and living grass stems and roots that will harm the health and vitality of your lawn. It creates a barrier between nutrients, water and the lawn’s roots. When not treated, thatch will quickly thicken and bring insects and disease.

To take care of thatch, look into vertical mowers–machines with blades designed to pull up and eliminate this problem. Another answer is irrigation. Proper watering will help maintain the balance between healthy grass growth and thatch breakdown.

Be careful, though. Too much water will cause the thatch to get soggy and become even more difficult to get rid of. Too little water and your lawn will not get enough nutrients to stay healthy and look great. Find that perfect balance.

Whether you treat thatch on your own or hire a professional, make sure you knock out it before it has the time to thicken.