Product Spotlight: TifGrand®

In the tradition of excellence in bermudagrass breeding, the scientists at the University of Georgia have developed yet another superior choice in bermudagrass with the TifGrand® cultivar.

A Certified Bermuda, TifGrand® boasts desirable qualities such as: extremely dense turf canopy, tremendous tensile strength, excellent shade tolerance, mole cricket non-preference, rapid grow-in and recovery, earlier spring transition […]

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Made in the Shade: Tips for Maintaining Turf in Shaded Areas

While we all love acres of uninterrupted, lush turfgrass, it is inevitable that man or Mother Nature will interfere with that plan. Buildings, trees and other objects are eventually going to cast shadows (literal and figurative) on your turf dreams. So how do you handle growing and maintaining turfgrass in shady areas? Here are three […]

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All I Want for Christmas is…. Turf?

Okay, so maybe no one wrote to Santa to ask for a bermudagrass lawn this year, BUT that doesn’t mean they won’t be asking for it at spring green-up. You can bet that when their neighbors’ lawns are beginning to look plush and full, the guys buried in an acre of clover and dandelion will […]

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The Heat is On. Can Your Grass Hold Up?

Summer’s right around the corner, so now’s the time to start talking about grass that can withstand heat and potential drought.

TIFTUF is a drought-tolerant bermuda grass developed by turfgrass breeders at the University of Georgia. It uses less water and stays green longer when subjected to stress.

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Developing Turfgrasses for Tomorrow

An article in Turf magazine introduced readers to Dr. Brian Schwartz, turfgrass breeder and scientist at the University of Georgia-Tifton, where several industry-standard bermudagrasses (including Tifway 419, TifSport, Tifdwarf, TifEagle and, most recently, TifGrand) have been developed. The article outlines Dr. Schwartz’ background and discusses his current and future turfgrass breeding projects.

To read the article, […]

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TifGrand Bermudagrass Featured at 2014 World Cup

Last summer, an article in Turf magazine discussed the lasting legacy of the University of Georgia’s turfgrass breeding program and featured the use of TifGrand Bermudagrass at three Brazilian stadiums used in 2014’s World Cup. To read the article on the Turf magazine website, click here, or read the article text below.


UGA, USDA-ARS Turf Featured […]

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TifGrand Surrounds Work Perfectly with New Champion Greens at Cuscowilla

Last September, the Cuscowilla golf course in Georgia reopened after a two-month renovation project that entailed replacing the putting greens with Champion ultradwarf bermudagrass, as well as regressing the green surrounds with TifGrand Bermudagrass. According to the project’s architect, TifGrand was chosen to replace the former Tifway 419 surrounds in order to accommodate a lower […]

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Park in Waikiki Reopens Its Parking Lot with 66,000 Square Feet of TifGrand

As a featured element of a $2.77 million project to renovate the parking lot at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu, TifGrand Bermudagrass was selected largely due to its shade tolerance, key to the project because of the large trees in the park. “I am proud to provide TifGrand as a part of this very important project […]

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Auburn Research Trial Confirms TifGrand’s Superior Shade Tolerance

In a shade-tolerance study that compared TifGrand Bermudagrass to Celebration, Patriot, TifSport and Tifway, TifGrand had increased turfgrass quality under both 30% and 60% shade compared to the other cultivars. TifGrand pigment concentration also increased with increasing shade levels. These findings were reported at the November 2014 International Annual Meeting of the American Society of […]

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The Better World Project Spotlights TifGrand Bermudagrass as a Green Solution to a Number of Problems

The slogan for The Better World Project is “Advancing Discoveries for a Better World.” Launched in 2005 by the Association of University Technology Manager, The Better World Project highlights technological advances that “make the world a better place.” One of those advances, as posted recently on the project’s website, is TifGrand Bermudagrass, a “phenomenon” that […]

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