3 Lawn Care Tips for the August Heat

July 26, 2018


Man taking a break while mowing lawn on hot summer day

In the same way August heat can drain your energy, it also can really stress your lawn. Plan for the summer heat by following these simple lawn care tips.

1) Your mower blade should be sharp and high.

Clean cuts are better for the health of your lawn and prevent dull and diseased lawns. And when your grass is taller, it has deeper roots, which gives it access to moisture further down in the ground.

2) Avoid feeding.

If your lawn isn’t stressed, it isn’t going to grow anyway. Feed before or after the heat when cooler, wetter weather is the norm.

3) Irrigate in the morning.

Between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. is the ideal time. You’ll lose less water because of evaporation, and your lawn will dry before night time. Watering at night can lead to a diseased lawn.

Keep these tips in mind while you wait on those cooler temperatures that are right around the corner!