TifGrand Growzone
TifGrand® is the world’s first seed and pollen sterile (triploid hybrid) Bermudagrass scientifically developed to thrive in lower light environments, requiring as little as 5 hours of direct sun.

The hybridization and release of TifGrand® by Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman at the University of Georgia has taken over a decade. Beginning with 27,700 individual genotypes, it was originally trialed and evaluated as ST-5 and Tift #4. The plant patent, early publications and test results will refer to these names as well. Finally released with the commercial name TifGrand® Certified Bermuda in 2010.

TifGrand® follows a long lineage of UGA successes in terms of bermudagrass development. This newest member of the Tif-hybrid series is fine-bladed, has a naturally dark green color, with a vertical leaf posture and is a prolific rhizome, stolon and root producer. Thus TifGrand® will produce an extremely dense canopy and tremendous tinsel strength will develop within the turf surface.

Although TifGrand® will produce a beautiful surface in 60-70% reduced sun; it will produce a superior lawn and/or playing surface in full sun environments. With the additional value added characteristics of mole cricket non-preference, increased cold tolerance, more rapid grow-in and recovery, earlier spring transition, and requiring only 1/3 the amount of fertility necessary to maintain other bermudagrass cultivars, the utilization of TifGrand® becomes a logical and practical choice.

The following video is an aerial view of the completed TifGrand® installation for the Houston Dynamo’s soccer field:

Watch the following video of the TifGrand® installation for the Houston Dynamo’s soccer field:

Hear what one of our producers has to say about it…

TifGrand from IMF VISIONS on Vimeo.

TifGrand® Characteristics

  • Dark green color
  • Fine leaf blade (dwarf classification)
  • Thrives in 60% – 70% shade (5 hours direct sun)
  • Reduced fertility requirements
  • Superior turf quality in full sun
  • Superior rhizome and stolon production
  • Late season color retention
  • Good cold tolerance
  • Excellent Tawny Mole Cricket resistance
  • Can only be produced as Certified

Additional Considerations: Prior to release, since 1997 TifGrand® has undergone:

  • 23 tests at 19 Universities in independent NTEP trials
  • 9 years of testing for insect resistance
  • 9 years of testing for shade tolerance
  • 7 years of practical application (golf course & landscape) evaluation

Cultural Practices

  • Suggested mowing height 1/2″- 1 1/2 “
  • 20-25 lbs N per acre or 1/2 – 1lb N per 1,000 square feet every four weeks depending on growing season once established.
  • Maintain high levels of K (up to 1N:2K) throughout the year, with special emphasis during late summer and fall
  • Gradually raise mowing height in the fall as night-time temperatures are approaching the low 50°F


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