T10 Growzone
T10™ Certified Bermuda is a medium to coarse bladed selection that has a unique dark-bluish color, with excellent cold hardiness and was developed by the University of Georgia’s world renowned turfgrass breeding team at Tifton, Georgia.

T10™ is considered to be a low maintenance bermudagrass. This is due to the fact that the open canopy and slower vertical leaf-blade growth allows for ease of mowing utilizing a standard rotary mower. Additionally, mowing frequency can be reduced up to 50% compared to many other bermudagrass cultivars, again due to its reduced rate of vertical leaf-blade growth.

Further, T10™ is considered an excellent choice for high traffic applications such as residential yards, golf course driving ranges and athletic fields from the deep-south to well into the transition zone. Though T10™ is a relatively slow grower vertically; it is a prolific producer laterally. This rapid horizontal growth characteristic provides a tough, durable playing surface that recovers quickly from sports activities, foot and equipment traffic.

T10® Characteristics

  • Dark bluish-green color
  • Coarse leaf texture
  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Up to 50% less mowing
  • Rapid grow-in and recovery from injury

Cultural Practices

  • Suggested mowing height 1” – 2”
  • Best if pH of 5.5 -7. is maintained
  • Complete fertilizer rates of 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 ratio (Example: 12-4-8 or 16-4-8) are preferred. Apply approximately 1 pound of nitrogen (N) fertilizer per month per 1,000 square feet.
  • Apply post-emergence herbicides to control summer annuals & perennial broadleaf weeds.


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