Jamur Growzone
JaMur® Zoysia is rated as the most drought tolerant of all commercially produced Zoysiagrass cultivars. JaMur®, originally trialed and evaluated as 1062 Zoysia, was selected by David Doguet from the germplasm collection of USDA research geneticist Dr. Jack Murray.

JaMur® is classified as a medium textured zoysia, with an attractive blue-green color. The density of the turf, coupled with an extensive root and rhizome system, give way to excellent recovery characteristics. This making JaMur ® the perfect choice for high visibility and high traffic applications.

Producing less thatch than other like-type zoysiagrass cultivars, JaMur® is considered a much-improved replacement for many other zoysiagrass varieties, including El Toro, Empire™, Palisades™, and Crown.

JaMur® sod production fields can be grown-in and harvested in less than half the time required to produce a single crop of Meyer Zoysia, making it a “Dream come true” for sod producers. Requiring only 1-2 of nitrogen (N) per year with limited water requirements to maintain, JaMur® is rapidly becoming the landscape lawn of choice for many homeowners.

Jamur® Characteristics

  • Attractive blue-green color
  • Medium texture leaf blade
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Produces a very dense turf canopy
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Good cold tolerance
  • Improved plant vigor, with rapid recovery and grow-in
  • Minimal thatch production
  • Can only be produced as Certified

Cultural Practices

  • Suggested mowing height ½” – 2”
  • Annual nitrogen (N) use 1 – 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet using split applications in spring and late summer
  • Once established water only as needed to sustain healthy plant and root growth and to equal evapotranspiration rate.


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