L1F Growzone
L1F Zoysia is the latest innovation in zoysiagrass and the newest release from the Bladerunner Farms/Turfgrass Group production program. This extremely fine-textured dwarf type grass is ideal …Read More
Jamur Growzone
JaMur® Zoysia is rated as the most drought tolerant of all commercially produced Zoysiagrass cultivars. JaMur®, originally trialed and evaluated as 1062 Zoysia, was selected by David Doguet …Read More
ZEON Growzone
Zeon® Zoysia is a single progeny discovered by David Doguet from a collection of plants from Kobe, Japan, made by USDA zoysiagrass breeder and research geneticist Dr. Jack Murray. Zeon® is …Read More
Tif Grand Growzone
TifGrand® is the world’s first seed and pollen sterile (triploid hybrid) Bermudagrass scientifically developed to thrive in lower light environments, requiring as little as 5 hours of direct su …Read More
Tif Blair Growzone
TifBlair® is the product of over twenty-five years of research and genetic engineering by the University of Georgia’s internationally recognized turfgrass breeding program at Tifton, Geor …Read More
Tif Blair Growzone
T10™ Certified Bermuda is a medium to coarse bladed selection that has a unique dark-bluish color, with excellent cold hardiness and was developed by the University of Georgia’s world r …Read More