Company History

The Turfgrass Group, Inc. (TTG) was founded on the vision and friendship of Aaron McWhorter and Ken Morrow in 1997. As principals of NG Turf and Sod Atlanta, respectively, they had both entered the sod business in Georgia in the mid-80’s and had worked on industry issues together for nearly a decade. Their love of the turfgrass industry and commitment to its growth and development were shared values that ultimately led to the idea of forming The Turfgrass Group for the purpose of identifying advancements from turfgrass breeding programs and “bringing next generation turfgrasses to market”.

Beginning with the release of TifBlair Certified Centipede in 1997 developed by USDA/ARS geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna and the internationally recognized turfgrass breeding program at The University of Georgia – Tifton Campus. TTG began laying the foundation for progressive turfgrass technologies and environmental resource management and stewardship. TifBlair quickly became a successful cultivar in US and international markets and set new standards for centipedegrass landscapes and low maintenance areas as the only certified centipede. Licensing for sod production began in 2000 and quickly provided sod across the southeast and was soon followed by the introduction of TifBlair seed in retail markets.

TTG continued to evaluate cultivars in other species in its quest to provide superior turfgrass cultivars for producers and the marketplace. Zoysia was growing in popularity and markets were demanding improved varieties. TTG focused on identifying zoysia cultivars with superior characteristics and pursued a relationship with David Doguet and Bladerunner Farms to handle licensing of their proprietary zoysia cultivars. Bladerunner’s development program included an “adverse conditions” testing process that had identified the successful cultivars Zeon and JaMur. TTG began licensing these cultivars for Bladerunner east of the Mississippi River in the spring of 2005 and both have enjoyed tremendous acceptance by sod producers and the marketplace.

TTG also became the licensing agent for Sod Atlanta’s T-10 Certified Bermuda in 2005. This unique blue-green bermudagrass was also developed by Dr. Wayne Hanna and has been called the “most under utilized turfgrass” in the market. TTG recognized its low maintenance characteristics for golf course roughs, sports facilities and landscapes as superior characteristics for our continually growing family of producers and markets.

TTG continues to accept the challenge and responsibility inherent in its commitment to identify and market superior turfgrasses. Our varieties must meet state certification standards and can be produced only by a limited number of licensed certified producers in each state. TTG firmly believes that the financial security of today’s turfgrass producer lies in providing the consumer with superior cultivars that have been adequately tested and performance evaluated. Therefore, we will continue our quest to identify and choose new turfgrass cultivars to license and produce.